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How to disable Google personalized ads

It's no secret that Google serves you personalized ads based on your browsing history. If that scares you, here's how to disable it once and for all.

From what you search on the web to the items you buy in stores, Google tracks every step you take online. The Google algorithm then uses this data to serve relevant ads based on information collected about your choices.

Ads are usually relevant to you and can really help you find the right service, product or information. However, there are times when it makes you feel insecure.

If you are tired of seeing personalized Google ads based on your browsing history, you can disable them. In this article, we'll take a look at how to do that.

How to disable Google personalized ads

How to disable Google personalized ads
To disable personalized Google ads, follow the steps below:

Go to your Google Account page.
Go to Data and privacy in the left sidebar.
In Ad Settings, click Ad Personalization.
Under Ad personalization, turn off the toggle next to On Ad personalization.

How to disable Google personalized ads
With the toggle off, you'll see the following popup, which warns of what you might lose by turning off the feature, including missing the Increase Ad Relevancy option. If you are ok with missing out on these features, tap Turn Off.

How to disable Google personalized ads
Google will confirm that the personalization settings are turned off, but it may take some time for them to take effect.

Instead of disabling Google's personalized ads, you can also turn off ads related to certain categories on the Ads Settings page.

How to disable Google personalized ads
Browse all categories, click on the categories where you don't want to see ads, and click Stop. Thus, you can customize which ads you want to see on Google and its other services.

Turn off personalized Google ads
Following the above steps will disable ad personalization, but that will not stop ad serving to you. Ads will still be based on some general factors that are tracked through your activity. Thus, don't assume that Google won't track you anymore.

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