Google removes 52 dangerous applications from Google Play

We don't know if Google is too lax on Google Play Store security checks or if malicious apps are well designed to bypass them.

We don't know if Google is too lax on Google Play Store security checks or if malicious apps are well designed to bypass them. However, the amount of malware recently discovered in the Google Play Store for Android does not cease to amaze us.

Google removes 52 dangerous applications from Google Play, and you must hurry to delete them from your phone

The ways to infect your mobile phone with malware are extensive, but it seems that Google Play has become a war zone, because now there are 52 apps that have been kicked out of the Google Play Store to install malware on Android phones. They are no longer in the Store, but uninstall them immediately as they hide some of the worst viruses in recent years. 

Through one of its security reports, Zscaler revealed that Google had banned 52 apps from its Play Store because they hid malicious code. The discovery was made by ThreatLabz who notified Google to take action.

According to the security company, these apps contained code from three widely known Android malware: 50 carried the dreaded Joker virus, and the other two were Facestealer and Coper Trojans. Google has already removed all apps from its store, but many of them had a few hundred downloads at the time of removal.

What does this mean? That there are users whose phones and tablets are at risk of this malware, so they should remove these applications and run an antivirus. Also, just because they are out of the Google Play Store now doesn't mean they can't be found through other unreliable alternative stores. What do you do about this? Get to know them so you can avoid them:

Simple Note Scanner – 

Universal PDF Scanner – 

Private Messenger

Premium SMS –

Smart Messages –

Text Emoji SMS – 

Blood Pressure Checker – 

Funny Keyboard –

Memory Silent Camera –

Custom Themed Keyboard – 

Light Messages – 

Themes Photo Keyboard – 

Send SMS 

Themes Chat Messenger – 

Instant Messenger – 

Cool Keyboard –

Fonts Emoji Keyboard – 

Mini PDF Scanner –

Smart SMS Messages – 

Creative Emoji Keyboard – 

Fancy SMS –

Fonts Emoji Keyboard – 

Personal Message 

Funny Emoji Message –  

 Magic Photo Editor – 

Professional Messages 

All Photo Translator –  

Chat SMS  

Smile Emoji  

Wow Translator –  

All Language Translate –  

Cool Messages –  

Chat Text SMS –  

Hi Text SMS –  

Emoji Keyboard Theme –  

iMessager –  

Text SMS –  

Camera Translator –  

Come Messages –  

Painting Photo Editor –  

Rich Theme Message –  

Quick Talk Message –  

Advanced SMS –  

Professional Messenger

  Classic Game Messenger –  

Style Messag- 

Private Game Messages –  

Timestamp Camera – 

Social Message  

Vanilla Camera –  

Unicc QR Scanner –  

Blood Pressure Diary –  

As a curious fact, games do not appear to be a major source of infection. We don't know the reason behind this (maybe it is that Google pays more attention to them), but we still invite you to take care of yourself and not install games of questionable origin or quality.

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