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If you were hurt in an Uber accident, whether you were a passenger or not, you could have a claim and be eligible for a payment from an Uber lawsuit.

Uber accident lawyer, The Law Brothers battle tenaciously to get damage compensation for Uber drivers, Uber passengers, third-party drivers, and pedestrians struck by an Uber. We offer committed counsel without any up-front costs; you only pay if we prevail.

Uber accident lawyer

Lawyers help all victims of Uber accidents

Before dealing with Uber or an insurance adjuster, it is important for you to discuss your case with an Uber accident attorney. You will have greater negotiating power and avoid being underpaid if you work with an experienced attorney to negotiate a settlement with Uber.

Call us right away for a free consultation if you or a loved one has been hurt in an Uber or Lyft accident. Our phone line is available every day of the week, nonstop. Millions of dollars have been obtained for accident victims by our multi-award-winning Uber accident attorneys.

What accident victims need to know about Uber and Lyft collisions

What accident victims need to know about Uber and Lyft collisions

Due to the fact that Uber and Lyft are now significant businesses with billion-dollar valuations, they make sure that their drivers have $1 million in liability and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage. In contrast, the average driver's responsibility for injuries is a mere $15,000.

Due to Uber's and Lyft's level of insurance, those hurt in an accident for which they are not at fault may be eligible for more comprehensive reimbursement for their medical expenses, lost wages, and pain and suffering. Therefore, it's crucial to have the assistance of a knowledgeable Lyft or Uber accident attorney who can get the ideal outcomes.

The Law Brothers want you to be aware that if you fall into one of the following categories, you can be entitled to substantial compensation:

  • a driver using a ridesharing service who causes an accident and injures a driver or passenger.
  • a driver for a ride-sharing company hurt in an accident where another driver was at fault.
  • Regardless of the driver's negligence, a hurt passenger in a ride-sharing vehicle.

Lawyers Who Specialize in Uber Accidents

Lawyers Who Specialize in Uber Accidents

Accidents requiring the expertise of Lyft and Uber accident attorneys demand a certain sort of legal expertise and experience. Our team at the Law Brothers has successfully handled cases involving a wide range of incidents and a variety of injuries to get considerable compensation for accident victims from all walks of life.

Two attorneys who have substantial first-hand expertise with all forms of vehicle incidents are also a part of our legal team. They are here to support accident victims and are aware of the very serious difficulties they encounter.

The Law Brothers also want you to be aware of their "No Recovery, No Fee" principle. It implies that their clients won't be charged an attorney fee until monetary damages have been awarded. The good news is that big payouts for our clients are quite possible thanks to our knowledgeable Uber/Lyft accident attorneys. For more information, please phone the number listed on this page or send us an email using the form on our contact page.

Every motorist who jumps into a car and speeds down the highway acknowledges some level of danger, but as an Uber accident attorney can confirm, Uber drivers face a special set of challenges. Whether you work with Uber part-time or full-time, you'll almost certainly need to work every day, and you'll frequently have to stay up late to finish your shifts. You experience new and added stresses while driving in strange places since you have to drop customers off on time to ensure complete customer satisfaction.

What Happens When an Accident Strikes?

What Happens When an Accident Strikes

The unpleasant fact is that as the ridesharing sector develops, these sorts of accidents will only happen more frequently, and the results can be disastrous without rideshare insurance in California. An experienced Uber accident lawyer in Los Angeles will explain to you how lacking this protection might leave you defenseless because standard auto insurance frequently won't protect you. You put your livelihood in danger in addition to your safety. The expenses associated with an accident may mount, as many attorneys will attest to.

What Happens After an Accident?

What Happens After an Accident

Many times, rideshare accident victims are unsure of the procedures to follow in order to receive compensation for their losses. A ridesharing accident attorney who specialises in this area of law will be better able to grasp these precautions. They are aware that frequent Uber drivers and riders should be aware of numerous significant ways that ridesharing insurance varies from standard vehicle insurance.

The worst error a person may make is to assume that Uber or Lyft will automatically cover them. In reality, Uber and Lyft, like many businesses, are more concerned with their own profit line than the welfare of its customers. You might be significantly left hanging after an Uber accident if you don't have the necessary information and planning.

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