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Car accidents often result in injuries, which may qualify for personal injury coverage depending on your personal vehicle policy.

Car accidents often result in injuries, which may qualify for personal injury coverage depending on your personal vehicle policy, your rideshare company's policy, whether you were driving for a ride at the time of the accident, and who was identified as at fault.

Best attorney for uber accident

Accident attorney at Uber - Lyft accident lawyer

Driving services like Uber and Lyft have become one of the most convenient ways for people to get from one place to another, all through the use of an easy-to-use phone app.

Despite their wide use, drivers and passengers who use popular passenger transportation services often admit that these services are not ideal. One of the risks with riding an Uber or Lyft — or driving a rideshare vehicle — is getting into an accident.

Knowing your rights when involved in a ride-sharing accident can enable you to seek solid legal representation for an accident-related injury and begin the process of obtaining fair compensation.

Through a free case consultation with Florin | Roebig, our attorneys can help you determine your rideshare company's liability for accidents and fight for the compensation you deserve based on the nature of your case.

If you've been in a ride-sharing accident and sustained an injury, or were assaulted by a driver or co-passenger, call today for a free case assessment.

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What to Do If a Rideshare Accident Occurs?

As a driver or passenger, being involved in an accident with a ridesharing car may be terrifying and perplexing. The following are the most crucial actions to take if you are hurt in a ride-sharing accident:

1. Involved parties should seek emergency medical attention.

In the case of a collision, attending to any injuries that may follow and ensuring the wellbeing and safety of all those involved—including your passenger—should come first (s).

It's crucial to contact for quick medical aid if you are hurt as soon as you can. Delaying obtaining medical attention might make the injury worse and have more detrimental long-term effects.

When medical personnel arrives on the scene, they can accurately examine the injuries sustained by individuals involved in the collision and give formal documentation on the details of each person's condition.

2. Write down any information about the occurrence and call the police.

You should record as many facts about the collision as you can once you or your passenger has received medical attention. This can involve documenting the mishap with pictures and notes on your phone, as well as attempting to remember as many specifics as you can.

You may want to note the following details:

  • personal harms
  • damage to a passenger
  • actual vehicle damage
  • pictures of the crash site
  • snapshot showing the Uber/Lyft app's rider status
  • damage to persons, other vehicles, or property
  • testimony from additional witnesses or participants at the site
  • information about the implicated pedestrians or other drivers' personal information

In addition to reporting the collision and requesting police help, rideshare drivers who are engaged in a car accident should also alert their ridesharing business.

It is crucial to call the police so that they may respond on the site and create their own formal documentation of the occurrence, which they can later use as evidence in court if required.

3. Speak with a ridesharing accident lawyer to go through specifics.

Calling a lawyer who can explain and assist you to understand your rights to coverage in the case of an accident-related personal injury is the next step.

At Florin|Roebig, our team of attorneys has the knowledge required to assist you in navigating complicated legal problems and obtaining just damages compensation depending on the specifics of your case. Those who are interested in learning what legal options are available to them after a rideshare accident should contact our offices for a free first case examination.

4. If you so desire, submit a ridesharing accident claim.

If your case qualifies after speaking with a ridesharing accident lawyer, they will probably advise you to file a claim. However, it is entirely up to you whether to submit a claim.

Possible justifications for filing a claim include:

  • to obtain reimbursement for expenses not covered by your personal auto insurance or the ridesharing company's policy
  • obtaining higher damages for an accident that didn't include a ridesharing passenger (i.e. waiting for a ride request)
  • to get paid for unpaid medical costs, lost earnings, or emotional suffering due to the accident

If you have any more questions, please call our office and one of our attorneys would be pleased to discuss this procedure in more detail.

What You Should Know If You Drive In A Rideshare Accident?

Although some persons who need legal aid for incidents involving ridesharing are those who were injured as passengers, drivers of Uber and Lyft are as likely to need legal help for accident-related damages, if not more so.

Both Lyft and Uber provide their drivers with $1 million in liability insurance, provided that they are:

  • At the time of the collision, the driver was heading to pick up a rideshare passenger while signing into the app and waiting for a ride request.

Beyond these scenarios, assessing personal injury culpability in a ridesharing accident can be challenging, with the sort of accident and ride status being some of the key determining factors.

The companies' insurance policies mandate that all drivers who work for Uber and Lyft carry insurance. The level of insurance coverage provided to accident-prone rideshare drivers won't always be the same, though.

Types of Rideshare (Uber / Lyft) Incidents

Issues of liability and eligibility for insurance coverage in a trip share accident can depend on the nature of the accident as well as the stage of the process the driver was in when the accident occurred, known as the ride status.

Uber / Lyft accidents while logged into the app with a passenger

Rideshare insurance coverage is provided to both the driver and passengers once the driver accepts the ride request via the Uber or Lyft app. This coverage continues for both parties until the passenger(s) has completely left the vehicle.

Both ride-sharing companies offer similar plans for insurance coverage in the event of an accident either while ordering or on the way to a ride. These plans include up to $1 million to cover bodily injury to uninsured or uninsured vehicles and $1 million to cover third-party liability for damage to passengers, other driver, pedestrians, or property.

When another driver is at fault, this includes all individuals who were present in the trip-sharing vehicle, including hit-and-run situations where the at-fault driver leaves the scene without stopping to provide his or her information.

Insurance coverage through these rideshare services provides vehicle damage protection to drivers who maintain an emergency collision and comprehensive coverage on their personal vehicle insurance. This provides physical damage protection up to the vehicle's actual cash value, with a $1,000 deductible.

Uber / Lyft accidents while logging into the app without passengers

For drivers who are logged into their rideshare app but haven't picked up any passengers yet, drivers who have not been at fault in an accident may be eligible for the following coverage through their rideshare insurance plan:

  • $50,000 for bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 in bodily injury for each accident
  • $25,000 in property damage

This coverage is offered as third-party liability for damages not covered by your personal auto insurance. In Lyft's explanation of their passenger share insurance plan, this is referred to as a contingent liability.

Insurance requirements for Rideshare services

Every driver on the road is required to have personal car insurance, but taxi drivers are often required to sign up for insurance offered by the company. This is what can provide coverage for accident-related injuries and other damages accrued while logged into the app or driving an Uber/Lyft passenger.

Although they are subject to regulatory processes that differ from other transportation services, in the years when ride-sharing services have gained more popularity, questions about liability and insurance issues have received a great deal of attention.

Transport accident laws

Under Florida law, rideshare companies like Uber and Lyft are required by an invoice known as an "Uber/Lyft bill, or HB211, to provide a minimum level of coverage for their drivers."

Congress passed this Uber/Lyft bill in 2017 and secures the amounts and types of coverage detailed in the sections above for Florida drivers.

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Questions to Ask a TripShare Lawyer

There are many important questions you should ask a flight-sharing attorney in order to better understand your legal options and your best course of action.

What are my rights after a car-sharing accident?

If you are contracted as a driver with Uber or Lyft and have insurance through the company, any accident that occurs when you log on to their application will qualify you for the minimum levels of coverage.

If you feel that your rights to coverage have been violated, or you are unsure of your rights, contact our office to schedule a free assessment. This will allow us to give you more specific answers based on the specifics of your case.

Will I lose access to Uber or Lyft if I file a claim?

Many people who drive for ride-hailing services like Uber or Lyft are concerned about taking any action they believe could jeopardize their driver status. It is also common for people to be unaware of their rights, which can lead to further frustration and confusion.

We know that understanding your rights in a legal situation can be challenging, especially when you work as a contractor for a large and powerful company. However, understand that Uber and Lyft drivers who file a valid personal injury claim cannot be penalized.

Your right to make a valid claim under a passenger carrier insurance policy is protected and can be further legalized with appropriate paperwork and documentation from the police and medical professionals.

How much is my case worth?

There is no average number for each trip-sharing accident case. The best way to find out the value of your case is to contact a tour-sharing attorney, such as the veteran attorneys at Florin | Roebig, so that we can provide an informed number based on the details of your case.

How long do I have to file a trip-sharing accident claim?

An accident attorney is one of the first people you should ideally call in the event of a car sharing accident, as well as your carrier, the police, and 9-1-1 for medical help. In most legal cases, the sooner you contact an attorney to begin the claims process, the better. There may be a time limit (the statute of limitations) for filing your claim.

What are your fees?

Cost is one of the biggest concerns individuals have when seeking legal representation. In personal injury cases, many attorneys receive a percentage of their reimbursement as part of their compensation.

However, clients may also be liable for the initial cost, or additional costs related to the case, in the event that they do not receive a refund. These costs can vary on a case-by-case basis. Contact our office for more information about what these charges may be based on your personal injury case.

How to find a Rideshare (Uber / Lyft) attorney near me

Featuring Florin | Roebig has an extensive team of successful personal injury attorneys across the country who have the skills to patiently discuss and explore the details of your rideshare accident case.

With locations in Florida, Texas, Minnesota, and Colorado, our attorneys can help you get the compensation you deserve based on the nature of your accident and any obstacles that come your way either through personal car insurance or a ride-sharing company policy.

Our company has secured more than $1 billion for clients across the country. Don't wait to find out the value of your case. Give us a call or contact us through our online form today to schedule a free consultation with one of our skilled transportation accident management attorneys.

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