How to customize iPhone status bar with emoji

It's really cool to customize your iPhone's home screen with unique app icons and eye-catching widgets, but have you ever wanted to give a personal touch to your status bar only to be disappointed with not having an option to do so? If yes, then here is a cool hack method that allows you to customize your iPhone status bar with an emoji.
How to customize iPhone status bar with emoji

So how do you show an emoji next to the clock in the status bar on your iPhone? Well, this hack requires a new feature called Focus Mode that is designed to help you focus on a task by blocking distractions. When focus is enabled on iPhone, an icon appears in the status bar of the iPhone. You can take advantage of this feature (supported in iOS 15 or later) to show a favorite icon or emoji in the status bar.

The first step

Open the Settings app on your iPhone and choose Focus.

The second step

Now, tap on the “+” button in the upper right corner of the screen.

The third step

Next, click on Custom and give an appropriate name to your focus profile.

The fourth step

Next, select the emoji or symbol you wish to use. Currently, you have more than 25 emoji to choose from, including smiley face, paw print, bookmark, scissors, flashlight, flame, etc. After that, click on “Next”.

Fifth step

Then, you can choose who can send notifications and alerts for incoming calls and which apps can notify you when that focus profile is active.

If all you want is to decorate your iPhone's status bar with an emoji, just allow people and apps to send you notifications without any restrictions. This way, you can show emojis without interrupting your connection. Finally, be sure to click Done to finish.

Here you are! In the future, whenever you enable this custom focus profile, the emoji (or selected icon) will appear in the status bar of your iPhone.

There are several ways to turn on focus mode on your iOS system. You can do this from Settings app > Focus > Profile focus or Control Center > Focus > Profile focus.

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