How to launch apps directly from your Samsung phone's lock screen

Samsung Galaxy phone lock screen provides easy access to your favorite apps. This is the procedure.
How to launch apps directly from your Samsung phone's lock screen

When you pick up your phone, the lock screen is the first thing you see. Therefore, it seems only natural that there are useful shortcuts in case you need to do a certain activity quickly. By default, Android phones have shortcuts to the Phone and Camera apps on the lock screen.

On your Samsung Galaxy phone, you can change this setting to instantly launch any app of your choice from the lock screen. Let's take a look at the procedure.

How to unlock apps from Samsung Galaxy lock screen

Here's how to launch your favorite apps on your Galaxy device right from the lock screen:

  1. Go to Shortcuts under Lock screen in Settings.
  2. Press the left shortcut, then select the desired application. Apply the same shortcut to the right.

كيفية فتح التطبيقات من شاشة قفل Samsung Galaxy

While you are still limited to only two app alternatives, doing so makes it easier for you to have instant access to your most useful apps.

Fortunately, there is a way to go further and use Samsung Good Lock to add various app shortcuts to your lock screen. To prepare, take these actions:

Get Good Lock by visiting the Galaxy Store. Its use is free.

Download the LockStar module from the app by opening it.

Select abbreviations | Default from Vertical Lock Editing Screen > Items List.

To add up to six of your favorite apps, use the plus sign (+). By repeatedly touching the same button, you can move them to places you find most convenient.

كيفية فتح التطبيقات من شاشة قفل Samsung Galaxy

Make your Samsung lock screen more useful

Save time by making your favorite apps easily visible on the lock screen instead of having to search for them in the app drawer. It also prevents clutter on your home screen.

Speaking of which, using Edge panels on your Samsung phone is a great way to quickly access your favorite apps and contacts, as well as perform a variety of activities. You can refer to our full instructions below if you need help.

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